Mickey Rourke may not have won an Oscar, but The Wrestler nabbed him just about every other award worth having this year. While the Oscar would have been the shiny prize on top of the comeback cake (and we could debate until the end of time who deserved it more), I do think this is one of the rare times when it really was an honor just to be nominated.

Inspired by Rourke, Jezebel poses an interesting question -- could an actress ever enjoy a similar second coming? As Hortense puts it: "In the real world, an actor like Mickey Rourke can undergo extreme plastic surgery and dress like an insane scarecrow and wax poetic about his dogs and forget his co-stars names on stage and be forgiven, due to his talent and ability. Do actresses receive the same forgiveness? If Marisa Tomei, who is undergoing a comeback of her own, wasn't still quite lovely and couldn't "climb the pole," would she have been cast in her Oscar-nominated Wrestler role? If she was the one who was known for extreme plastic surgery and erratic behavior, would people even give her the time of day?"

A good example might by Sean Young. She's been angling for a comeback for years, but always seems to self-destruct. Last year at the Director's Guild Award, she drank too much and heckled people onstage before being whisked away to rehab. She was seen last week still acting drunk and disorderly. No director will touch her, but Rourke was in a similar boat not so very long ago. Winona Ryder is another actress who languishes in unemployment -- the whispers that Star Trek could be a comeback have vanished, not helped by her collapse on a British Airways flight. It's difficult to know if she's uninterested, or if she's such PR poison that no one is willing to take a chance.
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