If you believe the post-Oscars party talk, it's official: Emily Blunt is out as the Black Widow. According to The Playlist, Jon Favreau was cornered by E! at an aftershow party, and confirmed that Fox had exercised its option on Blunt, and pinned her into Guilliver's Travels.

Now, given that there's so little finalized on Iron Man 2, I think it's very possible that Blunt could still pop in. As it stands now, the cast consists of one Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell, and Don Cheadle. Even Gwyneth Paltrow told MTV News has no idea if she's returning as Pepper Potts. They haven't even given me a script yet. They don't tell me anything. I could be, like, a costume assistant in it. I know nothing."

But, if Mickey Rourke decides to sign once and for all, they could have it before cameras pretty quickly, and that means they would need a new actress. Let's just hope that Favreau & Co aren't lured by the curves that are Scarlett Johansson, and either accept Eliza Dushku's very public offer (she can speak Russian, and she'd be better than Johansson) or wait around until Blunt can return. I'd prefer the latter. I mean, Favreau always did think that April 2010 release date was unrealistic.
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