It was last October when McG decided to enter the spy biz with the upcoming Dead Spy Running. It's a story that might not be giving us a female spy to go up against the likes of Bond and Bourne (boo!), but we will get a story from a man who not only knows The Rules of Engagement, but also how to navigate the Traffic in Syriana. Yes, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the pen behind those films, Stephen Gaghan, will adapt Jon Stock's novel (which hits shelves this June).

This bodes quite well for the film, which is being touted as a potential trilogy that will reinvent the spy genre. What could possibly reinvent it? Apparently, an origin story about a newly trained spy. That sounds nothing like reinvention and a heck of a lot like Daniel Craig's Bond, but at least the circumstances are different. Some word about the story has finally come out, and it will kick off with a protagonist "running the London Marathon, where a fellow racer is strapped with explosives." Somehow this leads the unnamed dude on a "globe-trotting adventure" to clear the name of the poor runner's dad.

So far, nothing sounds like a big reboot of the spy genre, but maybe the magic comes in the details.

If you were trying to spark up the spy genre, what would you do?
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