One of the benefits of attending film festivals is that it offers someone who sees pretty much everything the chance to finally see pretty much anything without knowing about it one iota in advance.

It's a strategy that's led me astray before, but at the Florida Film Festival a couple of years back, a sold-out screening of Hard Candy (okay, it would've been my second time) forced me to bumble instead into a showing starting right there and then of something Norwegian called The Bothersome Man.

Lo and behold, I actually very much enjoyed this deadpan tale of a man who finds himself dropped off in a banal purgatory of sorts, an Ikea-laced hell where money won't buy you happiness, drinks won't get you drunk, sex won't get you laid, and suicide won't get you killed. For the Netflix-savvy among you, it remains available on their Instant Watch format, and even on pesky ol' disc, I heartily recommend it.

Of course, I told you that to ask you this: What's the last time that you stumbled across a movie on pure and complete accident or convenience -- dragged on a date, came across on cable, etc. -- and with no recommendation that took you by total and utter surprise?
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