After leading a new era in San Francisco, Sean Penn is making a mess of Valerie Plame's life. Variety reports that the recent Oscar winner is in negotiations to play Joseph Wilson in the upcoming drama Fair Game -- otherwise known as that Plame project.

Talks haven't been finalized yet, but if everything goes well, Penn will play Ambassador Joseph Wilson, husband to Valerie Plame, and the man who started the whole mess with his op-ed columns about Bush and those infamous weapons of mass destruction.

He's not quite what any of us would expect for the middle-aged man behind the plan, but Sean Penn is known for making the most of his roles, and I bet this wouldn't be any different. This means no Russell Crowe, and teamed with Watts (not Kidman) this could be a sweet gig. Actually, I think there's more of a chance than "could be." Kidman and Crowe might have some acting chops, but for this writer, Penn and Watts sound downright wonderful.

Are you ready for Plame on the big screen, and do you agree with the casting, or are you just mourning Crowe?
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