If I was to pick the most geeky moment of 2009 thus far, it would have to be seeing Wolverine climb aboard a cardboard Batcycle and demand to know why The Dark Knight hadn't received more Oscar nominations. In fact, I had the distinct impression that Hugh Jackman was one of the few people present during the Academy Awards who was willing to admit his fondness and respect for the genre that made him a household name. You can throw Iron Man into a montage, after all, but you can't make the beautiful people like him ... or award his special effects. The disdain was palatable, and it only adds to my foreboding about March 6.

From my limited vantage point, it seems like Watchmenis on everyone's lips, but there's also a curious echo around it that's mimicked in the refrain among my friends and colleagues: "I had to explain Watchmen again. No one else I know has heard of it." That's frightening considering the marketing deluge, but admittedly those television spots are cryptic and almost cheesy to a newcomer's eyes. Combine that with the buzz and Tweets that suggest the film is crippled by being "too faithful" to Alan Moore's story, impossible for "outsiders" to decipher, and thus destined to fail at the box office. That's a depressing thought, really. Plenty new readers pick up the graphic novel every day and understand it just fine, surely they can do the same with a movie? Hell, it should be even easier than the written and illustrated word! (I'm weirdly optimistic about general audiences, can't you tell?)
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