Nothing is sacred. Get ready, because I'm sure Gin, The Movie is on its way, as well as remakes of Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane, plus someone with enough cojones to try and replicate Bruce Campbell's Ash.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that following in the footsteps of Monopoly, Candy Land, and Ouiga Board, we're getting Clue. Or, rather, more Clue, since I'm sure you all know that we've already had an amazingly wonderful adaptation of the board game starring the likes of Tim Curry, Michael McKean, and the late, great Madeline Kahn.

Undaunted (or perhaps even enthused by the first flick's cult status), Universal is moving ahead with a new Clue feature, and Gore Verbinski is in final negotiations to direct and produce the project. That means it won't be a modest feature of murder, ropes, candlesticks, and intrigue, but some sort of rip-roaring big budget murder movie. But even if Verbinski did rein in the post-Pirates urge and make a low-scale project, it's still been done. Sure, there are lots of directions Clue can go, making use of the locations, guests, and murder weapons, but there's simply no group of comedic minds that can compare to the original. Perhaps they can go the more serious route, and I hope they do, because I'll cry if they try to replace my Madeline.

Do you like the original? Are you interested in a sequel? Do you want to throw your box of Clue at Universal?
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