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Cinematical has received this exclusive image from Made in China, which will enjoy its premiere in the competition section at this year's South by Southwest Film Festival. From the synopsis:

"Slinkys, Pet Rocks and Ant Farms are just some of the novelty items behind a great Novelty Inventor. Co-written and directed by Judi Krant (in her directorial debut), MADE IN CHINA is a comedy about one such inventor, Johnson (Jackson Kuehn), a self-styled novelty inventor from a small town in East Texas, who is determined to bring his big idea - "a humorous domestic hygiene product" - to the world. Johnson's journey takes him to the Mecca of the novelty world: China, where anything is possible and everything has its price. Lost in the backstreets of Shanghai, Johnson discovers that it takes more than a million dollar idea to make it to the big time. It takes guts, determination, and a fist full of sneezing powder. MADE IN CHINA also stars Dan Sumpter and Syna Zhang."

Those interested in watching Made in Chinawhile out at SXSW can catch it on the following days:
  • Premiere – Sunday, March 15th at 11:00am – Alamo Ritz 1
  • 2nd Public Screening – Monday, March 16th at 11:30am – Alamo Lamar 2
  • 3rd Public Screening – Thursday, March 19th at 6:00pm – Alamo Ritz 2
And, of course, stay tuned to Cinematical for complete coverage of this year's SXSW Film Festival.