Believe it or not, David Faustino didn't crawl into a hole and die after Married with Children. In fact, he's kept busy with a myriad of lesser-known projects. But now ... Bud Bundy is heading for Bollywood. That's right -- The Hollywood Reporter posts that Faustino has signed on to star in a new comedy called The Bollywood Boys.

But that's only the tip of the retro television iceberg. His co-star in this feature is none other than Corin Nemic -- star of the late and great Parker Lewis Can't Lose. The pair will play a few struggling filmmakers who decided to accept some money from the Mumbai mob and try to make a Hollywood-Bollywood musical with a "past-his-prime Indian star."

If we could only have Abraham Benrubi (Larry Kubiac on Parker Lewis, or Olaf on Buffy, or Markovic on ER) come on to play the muscle -- that would be retro amazing. Production on this project will kick off this summer. It's been a very long time since Bud and Parker ruled the small screen. Do you think they could make magic on the big one?
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