Meet Miss America. She's Captain America's second cousin on his mother's side, and she's the one chick you don't want to meet down a dark alley. A former Miss America contestant, Emily Whatsername was murdered by other Miss America contestants who were afraid she'd run away with the crown ... and their totally awesome boyfriends. However, due to a freak accident down at the morgue (involving gasoline, Twinkies and a Dennis Rodman trading card), Emily magically arose from the dead ... but this time she'd be known only as Miss America -- and you're damn right she'd get her revenge.

Good news is you too can create your own Miss (or Mr.) America over at this site called The Hero Factory. Yup, it's just another time waster -- something to fool around with when the boss ain't looking -- but what makes this one rise above the rest is the fact that Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need A Hero' blasts its awesome head off in the background while you fine tune your super creation. Check out my two heroes below, then head on over to The Hero Factory to create your own.

(And yes, I would totally go see a movie based on my Miss America concept above. Who's with me?)

[via The Awesomer]
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