Everybody loves a package deal, right? It makes things much easier when you can buy a property kit and caboodle -- think of it as a cinematic value meal. Even though it may not be cheap, Will Ferrell and his comedy cohort Adam McKay are counting on the lure of star power to sell their latest comedy. Variety reports that McKay is currently shopping around an action-comedy titled The B Team with Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg attached as mismatched cops.

Not much is known about the story, but I think it's a safe bet to say it will be pretty much the same as most of the films that Ferrell and McKay have done together. B Team was scripted by Land of the Lost writer, Chris Henchy, who also serves as a producer on Wahlberg's Entourage -- which would probably explain how Wahlberg got involved.

So even though most people have started to lose patience with the duo of McKay and Ferrell, I still have hope that a few laughs will be had. To be honest with you, my only concern is the comedy stylings of one Mr. Mark Wahlberg. Other than a few brief moments here and there, Wahlberg has never really been intentionally funny. But I guess studios are going to have to pay, and pay big to find out. Mainly because the studio purchase pretty much means that the studio will be on the hook to make the flick no matter what. Ferrell and McKay are already working on Ferrell's one-man show about G.W. Bush's last night in office, You're Welcome America, but the two are expected to get to work on B Team this summer, with an eye on a 2010 release.
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