A few different sources (EW, Hitfix) have confirmed that Eddie Murphy will play legendary comedian Richard Pryor in a new drama called Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? for director Bill Condon, who's reuniting with Murphy following their 2006 hit Dreamgirls. Folks are pegging this as Murphy's return to drama, but I just don't see how serious a film about Richard Pryor could be. Sure, the guy had a long career full of ups and downs and sickness, but do we even want to see a straight-up drama about Richard Pryor? I don't. I kinda want to laugh a little, too. Fox Searchlight nabbed the film once The Weinstein Co. put it into turnaround, and Condon is eying a summer 2010 release.

Personally, I know Murphy used to do a fantastic Richard Pryor impersonation, and I hope the guy still has enough funky left in him to pull this one off right. The script is said to also feature roles for Pryor's four ex-wives, as well as Red Foxx. (Right now I sense Beyonce trying to wiggle her way in there somehow.) Check out a hysterical bit from Raw after the jump, in which Eddie does a little Richard Pryor -- then let us know what you think: Is Murphy the right person for this role?
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