'Hunger' (IFC Films)

Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Hunger, the intense drama from prize-winning British artist turned director Steve McQueen. Michael Fassbender stars as Bobby Sands, a controversial IRA member who was imprisoned in the infamous H-block of Belfast's Maze Prison. Sands made headlines worldwide in 1981 when he refused to eat until the British government acknowledged the IRA as a legitimate political organization. I can remember following the story day by day as it happened, so I'm quite interested in seeing Hunger, though it doesn't sound like an easy viewing experience.

The reviews have been very positive. When the film debuted at Cannes last year, Kim Voynar wrote: "It's a cinema verite approach to viewing human dignity in the face of unimaginable indignities, a grim statement about what happens when differences of opinion in social and political matters lead men to treat other men with horrific cruelty. ... It's a brilliant portrayal of a tragic moment in human history."

Hunger arrives in theaters on March 20. Click on the image below to view the poster in full, unflinching detail.