This is really more of a "Fan Make" than a Fan Made, but the comments we get on these fandom posts indicate that there's a lot of geek knitters out there who might appreciate this.

Who hasn't watched a film, and coveted something worn onscreen? For me, it's usually leather jackets, cool shoes, or anything worn by Keira Knightley. But some people covet the clothing of stop-motion characters, and it seems a lot of them were clamoring for Coraline's star sweater -- which, amazingly enough, was real. A woman named Althea Crome really knitted the 3 inch tall sweater. (I'm really gobsmacked by her site, which is full of tiny, knitted things. Wow. I will no longer brag about knitting on sock needles.)

So, if you one of those craving a real person sized version, you weren't alone. They've gone and posted an official pattern on the film's website so that fans can make a human sized version. Somehow, I suspect someone will be wearing this to DragonCon. If you are that person, or if you make it for just for love of Coraline, send it to us here at Cinematical, and turn this Fan Make into a Made.

[via Entertainment Weekly and The Costumer's Guide]
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