Warner Bros is ramping up yet another DC property, according to Variety. Producer Dan Lin is setting up Suicide Squad as a potential franchise, with Justin Marks penning the initial screenplay. The series centers on supervillains both great and small, who are recruited by the government to serve as expendable agents on missions too dangerous for superheroes. What Variety doesn't say is which villains will be used, so it's difficult to say how cool or crappy this could be. It's also hard to get too excited about yet another DC property when so many of them are stuck in endless pre-production. (Ok, so we do have a date on The Green Lantern -- but without a Green Lantern, it's kind of uninspiring, isn't it?) We're definitely on a supervillain trend now, though, aren't we? And just think ... people said it wouldn't work!

CHUD is reporting that Samuel L. Jackson's nine picture deal is a sign of things to come, and that this is Marvel's new contractual item. You can expect similar deals in the future -- you can kind of imagine which characters might be locked down in perpetual servitude. Apparently, this may have been one of the issues that prevented Emily Blunt from signing to Iron Man 2.

Finally, there's a new X-Men Origins: Wolverine photo from Stark Industries, featuring more Sabretooth and Wolverine going claw to claw, muttonchop to muttonchop:

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