Recession SpecialLike thousands of others, I lost an important source of income earlier this year, so I've keenly felt the impact of the current economic recession on my greatest passion: watching movies. But though it may "sound counterintuitive," CNN reports that "movie ticket sales are way up in this down economy" because "struggling people are looking for a $10, two-hour escape."

They point to the stunning box office success of the critically slammed Paul Blart: Mall Cop, He's Just Not That Into You, and Bride Wars, and quote Paul Dergarabedian of, who claims that "only movies that turn away from financial realities will succeed during the recession." Dergarabedian also cites the opening weekend success of the new version of Friday the 13th and declares: "If Jason is scaring the crap out of you, you can't really be thinking about your mortgage, you know?" Riiiiiiiiiight. Of course, most of the younger crowd that were scared by Jason don't have mortgages yet to worry about.

In my case, I recently raced out to a late morning screening to catch Clive Owen in The International because the first weekend screening of the day at my local multiplex costs only $6.00, compared to $8.00 for early afternoon shows and $10.00 for anything after 4:00 p.m. I shaved down my Netflix account, canceled the premium movie channels from my satellite TV subscription, and now shop only for bargain-priced "gotta have" DVDs online.

What about you? Is the recession impacting your movie watching? Are you choosing different types of movies -- comedies and thrillers instead of dramas? Are you going to more matinee shows? Are you watching fewer movies in theaters and more on TV, your computer, and your cell phone not for the convenience, but because it's cheaper?