When the guy who programs the Midnight Madness slate at the Toronto Film Festival gets excited about a new event, you can bet that it's going to be something pretty geek-tastic. So last night I got an email from Mr. Colin Geddes and here's what he was so psyched about: They gave writer / director / movie nerd Edgar Wright a chance to program a mini-festival of his very own, and the man delivered a week's full of evening screenings that any flick geek would have a ball with.

Of course the event (called The Wright Stuff) will open with the unbeatable double feature of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but as the week goes on, attendees will be able to savor one-two punches like The Warriors and The Wanderers; Shaolin Soccer and Riki-Oh; and Drunken Master 2 with an as-yet-unannounced but undoubtedly ass-kickin' martial arts movie. (Plus, dang, they're showing The Brood on the big screen!) Oh, and one evening will offer a very nifty Spaced marathon. And if you're wondering what makes a guy like Edgar Wright qualified to program his own mini-festival, I suggest you sit in on those Spaced, Shaun, and Fuzz screenings -- because this is a filmmaker who bleeds flick love like nobody's business.

A full press release for the event is included after the jump, and our readers might like to know that our own Monika B. lives RIGHT NEAR that movie theater, so perhaps you should be nice and ask for a couch to crash upon. And hey, here's a report on a similar event that Mr. Wright hosted in L.A. a few years back. Heh, "Mr. Wright." Hear that, ladies?