Here is a little health lesson that might strike fear into some of the individuals who keep our Megan Fox gallery in the top ten. If you suffer the symptoms portrayed in this preview (especially the medieval cabinet full of lotions), you should call a health professional immediately. Or take a cold shower.

Actually, the real reason you should watch The Trouble With Lou(besides that it was loved at SXSW 2000, and won the Special Jury Prize at Slamdance 2001) is because the team behind it now work for PIXAR. Producer Teddy Newton, actor Lou Romano, and composer Michael Giacchino have been behind or appeared in The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Cars, and Up. Newton also worked with Brad Bird on the lost gem that is The Iron Giant. Somehow, it's not too surprising that the minds behind such childhood wonder are a little raunchy -- boys will be boys, after all.

The full film is available for purchase or rent on itunes.