Now that it looks like Soderbergh and his crew are finished with the Ocean's series, perhaps some Scorsese veterans can pick up the torch and roll with it. The New York Post'sPage Six reports that during a recent Oscar party hosted by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joe Pesci were off huddled in a corner talking shop. What kind of shop, you ask? Well, supposedly they were discussing a possible film they'd all co-star in; an "Italian-flavored heist" is how Page Six puts it.

It's hard to imagine these three guys coming together for a film without Marty Scorsese behind the camera, but the director seems pretty busy with other projects (like Silence), though one imagines nothing is set in stone until, well, it's set in stone. Then again, maybe they're coming together for another director (De Niro, perhaps?), without Scorsese? Either way, I'm definitely intrigued to not only watch De Niro and Pesci reteam on the big screen, but also to see DiCaprio (who co-starred with De Niro in This Boy's Life) thrown into the mix. And for a slick heist film, no less. Of course it's all rumors and speculation right now, but we'll let you know if any more news comes our way.
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