I think every actress and their mother may become attached to New Moon or Eclipse in the months ahead. (Really, though -- what can top the Madonna rumors?)

The latest rumor comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Supposedly, Drew Barrymore is in talks to direct Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series. It's difficult to say if Barrymore would be a good pick or not, as she's just completed her directorial debut, Whip It! But she's run her production company with a lot of savvy, so why not? Too many actors have managed to be a success behind the camera for anyone to sneer, and it would be nice if an actress was actually among those successful ranks.

If you were wondering "So, what happened to Chris Weitz?" well, he's not coming back. The film and its release date were just announced in the trades, but they failed to mention that Weitz wouldn't be returning. According to EW, the production schedule will be so crunched that Weitz will be in post production on New Moon as Eclipse begins shooting, so it will be impossible for him to be behind the camera. (There are directors who manage that kind of multi-tasking, but they're probably crazy or have Starbucks for blood.)

I have to say -- I feel for you, Twilight fans. It's never fun when your franchise turns on itself.
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