I have a weird relationship with musicals -- and unfortunately I don't always have the best taste. For example, I can sing every song from Xanadu, but I don't think I've ever made it through an entire viewing of Meet Me in St. Louis (musical heresy, I know). But, one classic musical I have always loved is Damn Yankees, so the announcement of an updated version has me a little nervous -- throw in two untried singers and dancers and we just might be reaching panic. Variety reports that Jim Carrey (the man famous for talking out of his butt ... literally) has signed to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in an update of the 1958 musical.

Yankees was the story of Joe Boyd, a loveable loser who is so dedicated to his team, he makes a deal with the devil, and boy, does the devil deliver. Boyd is soon transformed into a star slugger by the name of Joe Hardy, who can help the team win the world series, but only in exchange for his soul. Throw in a sexy dame by the name of Lola, fantastic music, and dance routines by Bob Fosse, and you have one of the greatest musicals ever made. Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel have already been tapped to write the script, and according to Variety, Carrey is set to play the devil, with Gyllenhaal as Boyd, but the production has yet to cast the role of Lola.

A Yankees update almost made it into production back in 2004 under Miramax, but after Mr. Weinstein left the building, the rights lapsed and now New Line is the proud owner of the property. So place your bets: what do you think are the chances of either of these guys being musical wunderkinds? Or, are we doomed to another so-so remake of a classic musical?
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