We haven't done this before because the Scenes We Hate posts are so brand new, but Jessica's earlier Pretty in Pink rant inspired me to flip it back over and highlight a scene from the same movie that I absolutely 100% adore. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this is one of my favorite 80's movie scenes. Not only do I think Duckie is fantastic and one of the decade's great, tragic movie characters, but the song is a brilliant choice and Howard Deutch's direction (along with John Hughes' writing) just ties it all together into one delicious, love-sick knot.

Jessica said she always hated the ending to this film; she thought Duckie and Andie should've wound up together. Me? I kinda like this ending. It's real; it reminds me of the giant crushes I had on girls in high school. The girls who, no matter what I did or how many poems I wrote, just weren't feeling those "sparks". These girls wanted guys who didn't try as hard; they wanted guys who were mysterious and drove nice cars. One thing I've always liked about some 80's romantic comedies is that they weren't afraid to switch it up on you. Last American Virgin, anyone?

But anyways, I love this scene. Love it! (Raise your hand if we convinced you to watch Pretty in Pink this weekend ...)