You may not know the name Brenna Lee Roth, but you definitely know some of her movies. Let's see here ... Frat House Massacre, Fist of the Vampire, The Horror Convention Massacre. Nah, I'm kidding. You never saw those flicks. But if you saw movies like Spider-Man 3, Zack & Miri, and Adventureland, then you may have spotted Brenna if you didn't blink since she's "uncredited" in all three.

But there's certainly nothing wrong with working in the B-horror department, especially when it puts you in close proximity to producers Michael Bay and Brad Fuller. Meetings with those gentlemen can lead to big gigs and even more publicity, as evident by this interview at, and here's what Ms. Roth told the 3-D-addicted blogger Jim Dorey: "I am in talks with the producer of The Birds (remake) and he said he wanted to do it 3D ... Yes Clooney and Watts both attached so far."

So while the casting news isn't exactly brand-new, this might be the first time I've heard The Birds remake mentioned as a possible 3-D experience. Does this heighten or lessen your disdain for the project? Does it add a slight "camp" factor to a remake of a really excellent horror film? And most important of all: Will spilling these beans help or hurt Brenna Roth's chances of getting a speaking part in the movie?
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