Shirley MacLaine rises higher and higher in my esteem with every passing year, and every modern attempt at a zany heroine falls flat. Seeing her at the Oscars made me realize how low the standard has fallen, and it made me want to watch The Apartment or Two Mules for Sister Sara for the dozenth time. Doing a "Scenes We Love" is the next best thing.

I really wish Two Mules for Sister Sara would enjoy a pop-culture revival, and a remastered DVD. Not only does it have a fabulous (and largely forgotten) theme by Ennio Morricone, but Sara is the kind of heroine all modern rom-com girls aspire too. She's tough, she's smart, she's trilingual, and she's filled with fervor for the Mexican revolution. She wisely plays the victim in order to keep Hogan around, but he ends up needing her as much as she needs his gun and tracking skills. Their mutual attraction is evident, and you'll spend the whole movie hoping she gives up the habit for Hogan and ... well the ending is too good to spoil here. It's available on Netflix's Instant Watch, so check it out -- but in the meantime, enjoy MacLaine's killer right hook.

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