This romantic comedy starring Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel looks downright charming. Dano plays a mattress salesman who hopes to adopt a baby from China and Deschanel is the girl he falls for after she dozes off in his store. Ed Asner plays his Dad and John Goodman plays hers. Look for this one on April 3.

The Informers
American Psycho novelist Bret Easton Ellis wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of his novel that, like American Psycho, looks back at the uber decadence of the 1980s. A great cast (including Mickey Rourke, Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, and Winona Ryder) plays a group of characters at both the very top and the rock bottom of the social ladder. This one goes into limited release on April 24.

Big Man Japan
Let me go on the record as saying "Wow." Let the record also show that "Wow" is conveyed with a sort of stunned reverence. This is the tale of a Japanese man who is the last in line of men who can transform into giants to defend their homeland from equally large monsters. The CGI is pretty unconvincing, but the weird factor is off the scale. The movie gets a limited release on May 15.