Here's a link that may have made some of the rounds yesterday, and I apologize for the delay, but I honestly wanted to watch it for myself before vouching for it. Sure enough, the award-winning distributor-less Sita Sings the Blues is as much the uniquely charming semi-autobiographical animated break-up story that I had heard it was, and due to some copyright issues, it has been wholly thrust by creator Nina Paley upon the Internet and our good fortunes, in its entirety and very much for free.

It's not often that Roger Ebert, Neil Gaiman and I agree on something, but if those ringing endorsements plus a price tage of $0.00 (plus $0.00 shipping and handling) isn't enough to sell you on this fine film, perhaps you don't deserve it. For those more patient readers in the NYC area, PBS is scheduled to show the film this Saturday night, March 7th. As for everyone else, getting your own local affiliate on the horn might see similar rewards. And for all who are willing to contribute donations to get this film a proper release, here would be the place to do just that.
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