For a while there it looked like we might actually (eventually) get a movie called House of Re-Animator from director Stuart Gordon. But, as is often the case, nifty ideas often get replaced by more pressing issues, and so it's not a huge shock to learn that instead of another sequel, it might just be remake time. And these guys better not eff around, because Re-Animator is one of my top ten horror flicks of all time. Yes, seriously.

According to the Rotten dude at Shock, producer Ray Haboush is looking to work with longtime horror guy Brian Yuzna, who's got a whole lot of experience with the Re-Animator franchise. Info-wise, that's all we have so far, so don't bother asking about the potential involvement of Stuart Gordon or Jeffrey Combs (oooh, or Barbara Crampton, who is STILL a doll). More details as they become available, and hey: At least we know it won't be some PG-13 baby-scare affair. At least it freaking better not be.

Given Yuzna's involvement, it seems likely that this remake will stick closer to the original film ... or maybe the producers will go back to the H.P. Lovecraft source material and dig up something fresh. Oh, and here's a shocker: Early word is that the Re-Animator re-do will arrive in 3-D fashion. Didn't see that coming.
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