Some casting news is horrendous, some is good, and just sometimes there's news that seems too good to be true -- like Alexander Payne teaming up with his best stars and making a strangely wonderful-sounding film about downsizing -- not focusing on our rich lifestyles, but rather, our stature.

Variety reports that Payne is finishing up a new script about little people called Downsizing, and he's gotten Paul Giamatti, Reese Witherspoon, and Sacha Baron Cohen to commit. What's this about? Look at the clues -- downsizing, statures, and little people. Oh yes -- Downsizing will focus on people who want to become little people. As the story goes, Giamatti and Witherspoon will play a married couple who don't have a lot of cash and figure they can lead a better retired life as little people. But then the Mrs. decides to pull out, leaving her regular-sized, and Giamatti little. Cohen slips into the mix as twins -- one is a tiny Spaniard, and the other is his normal-sized business partner (a role that might evolve as the script heads to completion).

I'll forgive the continuation of the male Hollywood fantasy (Giamatti and Witherspoon, really?), and focus on the fact that both actors excel in the world of Payne. Add to that the fact that this is NOT an animated film, but rather a movie that relies on special effects, and how can he go wrong? In a world where every fantastical story gets animated, I'm loving the idea of a live-action, special effects-laden Payne world, and just hoping Lily Tomlin gets a cameo.

Anyone else really loving this idea?
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