For some, Michel Gondry's addition to The Green Hornet was a breath of fresh air to an increasingly stale project. To others, it was yet another cause of worry. It's a fair fear -- Gondry certainly hasn't established himself as an action director -- but it's one that might be quelled soon. In a talk with MTV, Seth Rogen said that Gondry whipped up an action scene on his own dime to get the gig, showing off "some of the weird filming techniques he has and some of the stuff he can pull off. I mean, this is something he did in two days and it was instantly unlike anything you've ever seen before." Yeah, Rogen needs to talk up his pet project, but we are talking about the man who solved a Rubik's Cube with his nose. I don't think we can give up hope quite yet.

Next up: Scott Evil is reuniting with his mom! The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Seth Green will star in Disney's Mars Needs Moms, which was brewing eons ago, and he'll be joined by Austin Powers mom Mindy Sterling, as well as Dan Fogler and Joan Cusack. This is a Berkeley Breathed piece, so it will be performance-capture, detailing the adventures of a kid who stows away on a spaceship in order to rescue his mom from Martians. Green will be Milo, while Sterling will play the terrifying leader on Mars, Fogler will play Milo's friend, and Cusack will play the poor, abducted mom. Green's already using his voice lots with the likes of Robot Chicken and Family Guy, but could this foray into motion capture make him the next Andy Serkis?

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