Watchmen is the kind of comic property that not a lot of people are aware of even though it's known as one of the greatest comics ever written. It's not exactly Batman or Superman or Iron Man; it's a lot deeper and more adult in a lot of ways -- kinda like a slick crime story with a supernatural twist. But now that Watchmen has been turned into a major motion picture with the director of 300 (Zack Snyder) at the helm, all of a sudden everyone is a HUGE Watchmen fan. It doesn't matter if they actually read the graphic novel or not -- if it's popular right now and a whole ton of people are giddy with excitement, then you bet your Dr. Manhattan condoms (seriously, here's the link) there will be posers.

Enter: LandLine's WTF is Watchmen video, which pokes fun at all those "fake fans" of Watchmen who run around pretending like they know what the hell they're talking about even though they haven't got a clue. I especially like the addition of Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter, even though it's an actor playing Hayter. Fun stuff. Stay tuned for lots more Watchmen content (including our much anticipated review) all week long.