Have you ever watched a movie about a kid who shrinks himself and then finds himself inside the underwear of a cute teen girl?

This may seem like a random question, but it is a serious one. See, years ago I was up late watching television, and I spotted this weird, low-budget movie. I tuned in just as this kid shrunk himself (or got shrunk?), got on a bicycle seat, and made his way into a girl's underwear. Now usually this isn't the sort of film that I'd be dying to see years later, but the execution was classic -- a kid climbing up a white sheet with big barbs hanging out of it. While he did that, the girl found all sorts of pleasure in class ... you get the drift. The scene, in all of its low-cost glory, has stuck with me all these years, and I can't expunge it!

I'm quite sure that it's something from Rhonda Shear and USA's Up All Night, which seems to inspire manyviewers to try and figure out which cult movie they saw. So I figure, who better to ask this pressing question, than Cinematical readers? If you can help me, I'll love you forever, but I figure this can also help out any of you in the same boat. Got a film you're dying to put a name to? Ask away below!

Update: Thanks to the wonderful reader known as Goldstein, my movie has been found! It is Getting Lucky (1990).
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