After that last flurry of casting announcements and rumors of Jeff Bridges' cloning, we haven't heard anything from Tron 2. But seeing as it's the new Star Trek, we jump on any rumor that leaks from the secret set. The fact that this comes by way of Ain't It Cool News makes it feel like the olden days of scoops and spies.

First off, the title is going to change again, this time going from Tron 2 to one of those colon things that are so popular these days. Like Tron: The Next Generation or Tron: Reboot. Anything's better than Tr2n, though.

The story details spilled by AICN's source sound legitimate, mostly because it's a predictable way for the sequel to go. The movie starts in 1989, where Bridges' Kevin Flynn has created some of the world's top selling games based on his Game Grid challenges in the first film. He's also built a nice fortune out of the technology he saw there -- there's action figures, and Recognizer night lights, which means this will be the stuff you can buy everywhere the summer this is released.

All this financial stability means that Flynn has a family life, namely a seven year old son named Sean. He disappears, leaving behind his son, and Bruce Boxleitner's Alan Bradley takes over Flynn's company (ENCOM). Fast forward 25 years, and guess who's going to be on the lookout for dear old dad? And guess where Flynn will be? There's more, but I'm going to stop there -- 2011 isn't that far away, and we've got to pace ourselves.

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