I scream! You scream! We all scream for even more announced SXSW premieres!

That's right, the film festival that knows how much it spoils us (see, they admit it right here) are adding screenings of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell and Jonathan Demme's Neil Young Trunk Show to their already crowded line-up. (And that's figuring that neither takes up the 'TBA' or 'Super Special Screening' slots -- my best guess is that Austin's own Richard Linklater might bring his Me and Orson Welles home after running festivals last fall. I've been wrong before...)

Despite being formally billed as a work-in-progress, talking with one or two of the lucky bastards who saw Raimi's gypsy terror flick back in January led me to believe that it looked pretty close to finished then, so who knows what it'll look like now. Either way, I'm pretty pumped; I mean, that last Neil Young concert film just rubbed me the wrong way -- nothing against one's filmography or the other's discography, but maybe it was something I ate that day that made me never want to give it a second thought, or this one a first look. It really made for a strangely irritating experience of a film held highly by most.

But I'm sure plenty of the other Film (and Music) attendees are psyched, and who can blame 'em? Neil Young is like the terror gypsy of folk music.