The first official poster (remember the unofficial, fan-made one?) for Public Enemies has arrived over at MSN (along with a host of new images), and the first thing I thought of was how similar it was to one of The Dark Knight's Joker posters (see above), minus a crazed look from Enemies star, Johnny Depp. Perhaps Universal is looking to borrow some awesomeness from last summer's biggest movie in the hopes that Public Enemies becomes this summer's most talked-about piece of coolness.

Directed by Michael Mann (Heat), Public Enemies tells the real-life story of gangster John Dillinger (Depp), and how, due to his (and his pal's) multi-state crime spree during the 1930s, the US government had no choice but to create the FBI -- whose top agent, Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale), was the one assigned to finally track down Dillinger and bring him to justice. The film also stars Marion Cotillard, Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi, Billy Crudup and more. This is a very cool story, and for those who do not know it, might I suggest locating the History Channel program in your channel guide that talks all about the formation of the FBI and the chase to nab Dillinger -- it's called 18 Months of Mayhem; find more info on it here.

Check out a larger image of the poster and a couple images below, then head over to MSN to see the rest. Public Enemies hits theaters on July 1.

Updated: Check out the ET promo for the Public Enemies trailer debut below ...