One of the questions being whispered around the blogosphere is this: Will women seeWatchmen? We're such alien creatures, after all, and so uninterested in superheroes or crime fighting of any kind. Even sites I thought better of suggested that the most appealing reason to see it was Dr. Manhattan's glowing genitalia. (Ladies, if there is a shallow, eye-candy reason to see it, it isn't a glowing penis. It's Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Patrick Wilson, depending on your preference.) But I won't go into "women actually like the same movies as men" for the millionth time. If it's good, we'll see it. It doesn't need a love story, or a female protagonist (though that's always nice), or a cute guy. If it's interesting, we'll watch it. We're not a different species. End of story.

However, if I am going to go with the girl hook angle then ladies, see Watchmen for Silk Spectre II, Laurie Juspeczyk. But temper your expectations because despite the slow-motion explosions and high-flying kicks, she is not going to be the kick-ass heroine you crave. Nor will she be breaking the Bechdel rule. In fact, she pretty much embodies every flaw that we've complained about when lamenting cinema's female protagonists. Laurie is defined by her relationships to men. She's like the Jennifer Aniston ofcomic book characters.

But dare I say it ... that's what makes her interesting.