Aside from the obvious cachet of being Chris Nolan's writing and directing follow-up to The Dark Knight, next year's Inception has the most intriguing teaser description I've heard in a while: it's billed as a sci-fi action film "set within the architecture of the mind." I have no earthly idea what that means, though I'm imagining something like the old "Body Wars" ride at Epcot Center, where you were shrunk to microscopic proportions and went on a simulated flight through the human body. Light saber battles on the parietal lobe! What? No takers?

As with every other movie coming out in 2009 and 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio is now attached to star. I mock DiCaprio's ubiquity, but I'm never sorry to see him: over the past few years it's become clear that he's a pretty brilliant guy. He knows how to pick material, too; he's fond of prestige projects, but he seems to have an eye for the good ones. His next film is his fourth Martin Scorsese collaboration, Shutter Island. And Inception is sci-fi from one of Hollywood's smartest screenwriters (and I'm not even necessarily talking about The Dark Knight).

Anyway, speculation on what an action film "set within the architecture of the mind" might entail, if you please. I'm sticking with my "Body Wars" hypothesis until further notice. In 3D, of course.
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