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Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Anvil! The Story of Anvil, which we (and especially James Rocchi) absolutely fell in love with when it premiered back at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. As Rocchi notes in his review, "Anvil! The Story of Anvil is not just better than you'd think that a documentary about a 30-year-old Canadian metal band led by two lifelong friends in their 50's would be. It's better than most music documentaries. It's better than most documentaries, period."

Not only did James also interview the Anvil! producer and director, but one of his quotes is at the top of the poster ... and it's gigantic ... and it's probably the most awesomest quote I've ever seen on a poster before (and I've seen a lot of posters in my day).

Click the image below to view the full poster (and James' totally rad extra large endorsement), and definitely check out Anvil! The Story of Anvil when it hits theaters in NY and LA on April 10 before rolling out nationwide. Find out more about the film on its official website. Trust me, this one's a keeper.