Unfortunately we don't always have the time to cover EVERY indie documentary that pops up, but when I catch wind of a flick that touches on something that REALLY bugs me, well, of course I'll find a little room for that film. But first, here's an anecdote, of sorts:

You know those horse-drawn carriage things that tourists allegedly adore? Of course they're found all over New York City, but they're pretty prevalent here in Philadelphia as well. Picture, if you must, an aging-yet-beautiful horse, standing dejected at a congested intersection in Philly's (rather frenetic) Center City district. The horse is lugging three camera-swinging yahoos, a massive carriage, and a driver with a pointy stick, it's surrounded by loud, smelly, noxious automobiles, it's slowing everyone down, and (basically) it's much too noble a creature to be saddled with such a fate. (Yes, "saddled." I employ humor in the face of cruelty.)

Basically, these things make me sick. I'm sure that every carriage company has its share of employees who truly CARE about these animals, but really. C'mon. After all they've done for us, horses deserve a hell of a lot better than to spend their twilight years lugging a bunch of lazy fools around tourist traps. I'm no crusader, I eat meat, but this just seems like really pointless exploitation of an animal that's done A LOT for us over the years. For shame, people.

So I'm pleased to note that there's a new documentary called Blinders, and it looks to expose all the ugliness behind this antiquated and rather insipid mode of transportation. The award-winning 50-minute documentary will premiere on the Documentary Channel next week, and it will also screen in New York City in June, but for a lot more info, you should just check the official site. And if Donny Moss' film can help to get the horses off the streets of Philly, then let's just chalk up another win for the pro-active doco filmmakers of the world.

Just say neigh!
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