The tricky thing about both trailers and sci-fi flicks is that you might feel that you've already gotten the gist of either in under two minutes. After watching this here teaser for September's Pandorum, I feel torn between a look that reminds me of Event Horizon (could be worse in my book) and a story that is rumored to be more akin to I Am Legend (yeah, now Horizon sounds good, huh?), but we'll know in a couple of months whether or not amnesiac astronauts Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster are in as much danger as this trailer from Film School Rejects suggests.

I didn't see director Christian Alvert's first film, Antibodies, and nearly no one has seen his still-shuffled follow-up, Case 39, though there's no writing credit on that one to haunt him. Hopefully, this thing will be more atmospheric than derivative -- if it's even either; this isn't even two minutes here! -- but again, we'll find out in due time. Pandorum opens on September 4.