If there is one career trajectory that really pains me, it's Diane Keaton's. Annie Hall has fizzled over the years, moving from excellent Woody Allen fare, to cute wedding-themed work with Steve Martin, to comedies that barely break 5/10 (Because I Said So, Mad Money). She's got a whole lot more in her than 50% flicks, but it's become easy to forget these days. We've wondered what would happen if she re-teamed with Martin for not one, but two new films, and now there's another name being thrown into the mix -- Indiana Jones.

One of the latest deviously brief Twitter clips coming from Production Weekly says: "Diane Keaton will join Harrison Ford & Rachel McAdams in the comedy Morning Glory, Roger Michell will begin filming in New York this May." This is that TV Talk show project I mentioned last year, which focuses on a "Ted Koppel mold" anchor (Ford) who gets fed up with the rampant gossip on the newscast and quits, only to be lured back by a new producer (McAdams), who pits him against his rival on a morning talk show.

I assume that means Keaton will be the rival. Now this ... this has some promise. Since this is coming from Aline Brosh McKenna, I assume that there will be romance, but the fact that it isn't being mentioned has me more than excited. Can you imagine Keaton and Ford facing off in the morning show format? Keaton excels in the brainy, down-to-earth sexiness, and she needs a gig that can show it off well. Will this be it? It sounds too good to be true.

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