One of the common complaints about movie-going is that it's too expensive. The ticket itself can be around $10, and then there's popcorn and soda, and maybe you have to pay for parking and hire a babysitter too, and by the time you're done you've spent fifty bucks just so you and your date can watch Liam Neeson torture Europeans for 90 minutes.

Movie theaters have continued to do well despite the recession, but to help out, Carmike Cinemas is introducing "Stimulus Tuesdays," which isn't nearly as hot as it sounds. It means that starting next week, you can get a 16-ounce soda or 46-ounce popcorn for only $1 every Tuesday at all Carmikes nationwide. Ticket prices will remain exorbitant and a box of Reese's Pieces will still cost $11, but the popcorn and soft drink will be cheap. Why, at just a dollar, that popcorn is only going to earn Carmike a 95-cent profit!

Random cynicism aside, it is a nice gesture on Carmike's part. I go to the movies too often to even think about getting popcorn and soda every time, but I know a lot of people consider it an integral part of the experience. Are you one of those people? Has the cost of things driven you away? And will bargains like this entice you back to the theater?

[Via The Hollywood Reporter.]

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