"It was only when we got together that the problems really started. I sometimes think without the Minutemen we might have given up and called it quits pretty soon. The costumed adventurer might have become quietly and simply extinct. And the world might not be in the mess it's in today." -- Under the Hood.

In honor of the Minutemen and the Crimebusters, I present you with seven superhero teams in search of a movie. Forget thoughts of "too obscure," "too impossible" or "too expensive" -- there are no limits and no end to the studio's hunger for superheroes. After all, studios are buying up Valiant comics now; Youngblood is coming ... and any one of these teams is a far, far better option than that.

The Justice League of America

The first pick has to be the most obvious. While the film exists in a hazy status of pre-production, the idea seems downright impossible, largely because of a guy named Christopher Nolan, and a Batman that doesn't mesh well with the fantastic elements of the JLA. Despite that many fans have clamored to keep the team in the realm of animation, all this Avengers talk will force the hand of Warner Bros. They'll find a way, with or without Batman.

Alpha Flight

One of the only Canadian superhero teams, and one of the many superhero teams to enjoy the membership of Wolverine, Alpha Flight is just waiting to be picked up and meshed into Fox's X-Men universe. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk of doing just that, particularly since the series has a pretty strong fanbase, and a nice dose of diversity: The series features two Native Americans, and the first openly gay superhero.
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