Now that Mickey Rourke has made a killer return to Hollywood, who should be next?

Ever since I saw the clip Peter added to his Indie Roundup last month, I'm dreaming of an Eric Roberts comeback. As Rourke (Roberts' The Pope of Greenwich Village co-star) said: "Eric Roberts is the f---in' man!" I'm sure it was all sorts of embarrassing for Eric, but Mickey has got a point. Roberts has got a heck of a lot more talent than most people today realize, and he just doesn't get a chance to show it off.

I never forgot, but that's because when other tykes in the '80s were purring for James Spader, Judd Nelson, and the rest of the brat pack, I was all about Roberts. It started with young adoration for Nobody's Fool and Best of the Best, and became critical appreciation after seeing films like Star 80 and Greenwich, before becoming despair over projects like the Doctor Who TV special. He's been in something good gigs recently (The Dark Knight), but nothing that really shows his range or talents.
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