Have you always wanted to smell like a true Star Trek fan? Itching to show off in front of your friends with a bottle of cologne featuring the face of James Tiberius Kirk? (Note: The latter would require you to actually have friends and possibly leave your house, just so you know.) OH, I'm just kidding you Trekkerz -- you know you want the skinny on the one gift to get the Trek fan who has everything. Our friends over at TrekMovie share with us three new scents from Genki Wear just in time to get you in the mood for the new Star Trek film, in theaters on May 8.

Tiberius, named after you know who, is described as "difficult to define and impossible to refuse," and is memorable for its "notes of freshness and sensuality." Then there's Red Shirt with the hilarious tag line "Because Tomorrow May Never Come." This one targets those with a "devotion to living each day as it could be your last." Finally (and perhaps the strangest), we have a perfume called Pon Farr -- named after a Vulcan mating ritual -- which is said to "drive him wild." Ooohh, watch out fellas!

All these Star Trek fragrances will be available in department and retail stores beginning this April. Check out full images of both Tiberius and Red Shirt below.

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