Here it is, the final X-Men Origins: Wolverinetrailer you will ever see, courtesy of USA Today. There's some new character shots too, and all is collected here for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, the trailer embed ridiculously tiny, so you'll want to play it full screen for all the explosive, SNIKT-y goodness.

The final trailer isn't radically different than the first one, except that it's bigger, louder, gives a lot a way and yet manages to be more confusing. There's more Deadpool (who goes from Ryan Reynolds to the freaky man glimpsed in the action figure) and more Cyclops. I am completely thrown as to how young Scott Summers fits in, and this trailer really makes it seem as though the entire plot revolves around him. I'm at a loss. But I am happy to see there's hints that Logan's choices may not have been so very free. Still ... Cyclops?!

If you don't like it, blame Hugh Jackman, who's taking full responsibility for this film as its producer: "[I wanted] to own up to the responsibility of this character. I wanted to put myself into this movie in every way possible. This is the movie that I've seen in my head for a long time." He's also determined to make the character badass again, because he just doesn't care for the way he's been portrayed so far. "I'm not mad about it, but I thought he had gotten a bit soft. I thought we had gotten away from the essence of who Wolverine really is: a bad (dude) who wants to live his own life." Who knew it was so chock full of mutant friends ... ?

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