The projects never seem to stop gravitating towards Mickey Rourke, ever since he became a Wrestler. He doesn't seem to be going the way of Iron Man 2, but he is one of The Expendables, and now he's getting back into some familiar territory -- steamy, sexy, bodice-ripping dramas.

Varietyreports that Rourke, Alice Braga, and Vincent Cassel are going to star in an adaptation of Paulo Coelho's 11 Minutes, which Hany Abu-Assad is directing. Braga stars as a naive girl who swears off romance after a bad experience with her first lover. But she only swears off the romance part; the girl becomes a high-priced call girl working at a club in Geneva, owned by Rourke's character. Then Cassel gets thrown into the mix, playing a music executive "who gets her hooked on S&M."

On the one hand, Rourke is once again getting involved with steamy tales set in moments of time (from Nine 1/2 Weeks to 11 Minutes) -- even if it doesn't look like he's the recipient of the steam. On the other, this is yet another story of women being scorned by men and then learning how to enjoy her sexuality through them. One would've thought that after projects like Secret Diary of a Call Girl, we'd at least get a litttle smarts and verve thrown into the ever-popular prostitute theme. Guess not.

It's way too early to tell, but we can speculate: Will 11 Minutes be the next Nine 1/2 Weeks?

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