is one of my all time favorite films. It's not only one of the best crime thrillers this side of L.A. Confidential, it's one of the most original. A cop who is forced to hide in a closed Amish community? It had the potential to be a farce, but it's intelligent and sensitively handled by Peter Weir. It's also achingly romantic, beautifully shot, surprisingly funny, and a fascinating glimpse into a world few knew much about. Even today, most people outside of the Midwest have gleaned their knowledge of the Amish communities from Witness.

There's not many scenes of it available on YouTube. I'd love to post the scene where Kelly McGillis' Rachel decides to let her hair down (almost literally -- she abandons her starched cap) and meets Harrison Ford in a twilight cornfield. Or the brusque "time for milking!" lesson where city boy Book regrets ever volunteering for morning chores. But this scene well ... it's the one you probably remember most. It begins at 1:05. (For some reason, someone has mashed two unrelated scenes together to prove a political point.) Watch for a baby Viggo Mortensen in the background, this film was his big screen debut.

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