Okay, not quite. I think it's safe to say that Steve Carell will never be the paragon of all things masculine (at least not in a beefcake sort of way), but that doesn't mean he can't soup up with extra doses of testosterone.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carell's Carousel Productions is whipping up a new comedy called Hi-T, for Carell to potentially star in. He'll play a man who suffers an injury that somehow rids him of testosterone. To rectify the situation, he starts getting injections and finds his mood swinging uncontrollably.

Yup, I'd say that's a pretty apt character for Carell to play. But it's not set in stone quite yet. Should he decide to star in the film (which had a different name over at New Line a handful of years ago), chances are this won't be on the top of his list. THR says that the funny man is looking towards Date Night for his Office hiatus project this May. I can't say I blame him. As wacky as fluctuating moods can be, the thought of him paired up with Tina Fey is too sweet to postpone.

But should Carell decide not to, who should they pick?
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