While perusing my RSS feed, I came across a post from the NY Post that has sent me into a fit of giggles. It seems that in their piles upon piles of of media-influenced wardrobes, Rubie's has Watchmen costumes which are just about the funniest damned things I've ever seen.

Some aren't bad, like the Dr. Manhattan mask or the Rorschach getup, but really, it's hard to mess up the latter. But oh, how about some poofy pants on the big-size version of Nite Owl? Or the utterly ridiculous Ozymandias that sends me into scary memories of Chris O'Donnell's Robin? I'm thinking that these guys must be camping it up as much as possible, because the Elvisesque snarl on the guy masquerading as The Comedian can't be anything but purposefully ridiculous. Check out images of these costumes in the gallery below.

Will you pick up one of these saucy costumes for your trip to the theater? Or Halloween. Or better yet -- are you planning to whip up something yourself?

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