There are bad death scenes ... and there are BAD death scenes. Tooling around online today, I came across a post over on Buzzfeed where folks were passing around this ridiculously cheesy death scene from a movie called Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987). The scene itself involves a skateboard assassin who for some odd reason carries a blow-up doll (for a shield?) as he skates toward his targets -- two muscle heads driving a jeep. Unfortunately for our blow-up doll lovin' skateboarder, those dudes he's going after are packing ... a bazooka! Oh yes, they break out the bazooka for this poor man's Michael Bay-inspired action sequence. I really don't want to say anymore, so just watch the scene below and have a blast.

But that got me thinking: No, I wasn't wondering whether Hard Ticket to Hawaii was available for purchase on DVD (it is, actually, over at Amazon) -- instead, I thought it'd be fun on this glorious Friday afternoon to talk about the worst death scenes of all time. So sound off in the comments below -- link to as many random YouTube videos as you want -- and share with us the death scenes you feel are just the absolute worst ever. Is this bit from Hard Ticket to Hawaii the worst, or do you have one in mind that tops this?

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